Sunday, January 30, 2011

Near Field Communication (NFC)

Near Field Communication(NFC) is a new short range wireless transmission technology which enables exchange of data between devices held close to each other max 10cm . NFC can be defined as an extension of existing technologies radio frequency identification (RFID) or proximity card standard , It also complies with the Smart card technology for contact based systems. NFC and is therefore compatible with modern day
NFC in Action
(using mobile phone for transaction)
 contactless infrastructure used for payment of Bills and making receipt. NFC technology is mainly developed primarily aimed at usage in mobile phones. it won't be long when your local vegetable vendor would gonna make you a receipt or the bus conductor making your ticket using his mobile phone attached or kept close to a small handy printing machine which pops your Receipt/Bill in no time . Its extremely cheap and reliable and is quite a very important Add-on to the mobile phone especially to the people engaged in small business(especially those in rural areas) . who couldn't afford expensive Billing machine yet need to make a transaction/Billing record (which will get saved in phone's internal memory). NFC devices can also be used to read RFID tags.
The Google Nexus S, a full-featured smartphone
 has NFC support built in

In todays modern technical world fast and secured wireless communication is one of the prime necessity . Wireless technologies have brought revolutionary changes not only in our gadgets but also in the way we carry out different task . Through radio and cellular communications we can send data to our destination over a thousand kilometer away and  for short distances we use the most popular and most favorite of all "BLUETOOTH" , with the Bluetooth feature enabled in almost all present day mobile phones , laptop it has never been so easy to transfer data (eBooks, songs , video clip or other documents) to others fast without taking any trouble with connecting a cable to maintain a link .
       But the most biggest disadvantage with Bluetooth is its security , Once the Bluetooth is activated in a device it can be easily traced by other Bluetooth devices. Even though security can be increased. But Hackers are gearing up too. And are still not that secured to transmit sensitive data like personal identification number (PIN) of credit card or debit card payment . Where the need for NFC appears NFC operates in a frequency of 13.56MHz  allowing data to be transferred at speeds up to 424 Kbits/second within a distance of only 10 cm hence making it fast, reliable,secured. and cheap

There are two modes by which NFC devices communicate :
  • Passive Communication Mode: The transmitting device provides a carrier field and the target device answers by modulating the existing field. In this mode, the Target device may draw its operating power from the Transmitter provided electromagnetic field, thus making the Target device a transponder(Transmitter-responder ).
  • Active Communication Mode: Both Transmitting and Receiving device communicate by alternately generating their own fields. A device deactivates its RF field while it is waiting for data. In this mode, both devices typically have power supplies.
NFC devices could attain a peer-to -peer (P2P) mode to continually  communicating together and exchanging information.

Mobile phone manufacturers – namely Nokia and Apple – have recently vowed to integrate the technology into their future handsets, Nokia  along with NXP and Sony opened the NFC forum to promote NFC technology. 

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