Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Zap a Fly , The Green Way ....

Ever thought you could use highly equipped electronics gadgets to zap the man's worst enemy the Mosquito .... Might sound funny to some , but not when you would know that about (on an average) 10,000 people die because of malaria and dengue in India alone , two deadly diesese caused by these half a centimeter blood sucking insects.Mosquito poison vaporiser and DDT are available in the market in large amont but they are not so eco friendly , Yet besides that there are some local brands in India selling mosquito repelent sprays which has been proved to be more dangerous to humans than to mosquitos .

         Using Nvidia GPU, Intellectual Ventures have made a laser female mosquito killing machine. Which is not just fast , its very accurate it detects mosquitoes flying at a distance and shoots them down with lasers, In just a fraction of second .The device uses the Nvidia's chip for computing in guiding the laser to identify, track and eventually kill the mosquito in no time ,  Check out the Video ....

This eye catching eco friendly solution to the biggest health problem , have attracted many viewers and manufacturers who are excited to manufacture these on a large scale although its still unclear about the price of these mosquitos zapper , reaserch is being done to reduce the prices as most of the people who badly need  relief from mosquito bites are general middle class people from rural areas of developing countries of Asia and Africa . 

Intellectual Ventures believes early versions of the mosquito fence could be mass produced and sold for as little as $50 (Rs 2,220).

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